After the Flood wins!

I discovered last night that I had been picked as the winning entry for Hour of Writes last week, with After the Flood.

Read my entry here (the one by Sirona)

This is my second win over at Hour of Writes, and in addition to being grateful for the prize money, it’s good to have another achievement to add to my writer’s CV. For a first time author trying to get seen in a sea of people in the same position, anything that can give you a bit of an edge is valuable.

Hour of Writes is, currently, a fairly small competition. There are usually around 25 entries a week, but they are of a fantastic standard. I don’t think I’ve read an entry yet that wasn’t worthy of being published, and the poetry blows me away. To write a polished piece of literature in an hour is an accomplishment, but to get the layers of meaning and sheer artistry of poetry done in an hour is amazing.

I also heard back from them about the inappropriate marking, which has been dealt with, and more excitingly – the 2015 winners Annual is ready! It’s being posted today and should be with me by Christmas.

Buy your copy here.

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