My primary goal when I write, is to get the stories out of my head and into a more reliable storage device. I’m still at an early enough stage in my writing career that people actually reading what I wrote makes me uncomfortable, but it’s a good kind of uncomfortable. At the end of the day, what is the point of writing unless someone reads it?

Somehow having people read blog posts, or online entries, isn’t the same as being part of an actual, physical book; there’s a real sense of permanence with ink and paper. I look forward to the day when my name is on the cover of a novel I’ve written and I can call myself an author without hesitation.

In the meantime, this is a very nice step along the way: my winning entry to Hour of Writes ‘The College Bar’ appears in their 2015 Winners Annual. My copy arrived yesterday, and it’s a wonderful book. Beautifully designed and bound, great quality, and some fantastic writing enclosed within. I’m very proud to be entry #41 in such a great volume, my first publication as an adult writer.

You can buy the annual, and other books from Hour of Writes here.

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