Alfie Slider in the Chicken House

No, this isn’t the latest episode in the Alfie Slider series; it’s just my way of telling you all that I’ve submitted the latest draft of the manuscript to the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition.

I received my in-depth consultancy report from Cornerstones Literary Agency in October, which I’ll blog about in more depth at some point, but was very encouraged. There were some changes needed, so I did those and then read through the revised story to see how I liked it. I love it! It has all the charm of the original, but with more depth and shine.

Getting a novel redrafted and line edited to the best of my ability in about a month has been hard work, the last few days I’ve spent so much time in Alfie’s world that I wasn’t quite sure what was real at times! Last night I went to the post office and sent the manuscript on its way, infused with good wishes from friends.

Competitions are always a long shot, especially big and well known ones like the Times/Chicken House but if you don’t enter? You stand no chance. I know there is a tremendous amount of writing talent out there, striving to get published and whilst I may have moments of doubt about myself I never stop believing in Alfie. Everyone who has read the story so far has been so enthusiastic, it’s like magic. Maybe someone at Chicken House will fall under the spell?

In any event, Alfie Slider vs the Shape Shifter is going on the back burner for a few weeks. I’ll work on Alfie 2, or maybe an adult novella until January when I’m going to be seeking representation.

Look out 2016, Alfie Slider is coming to get you 🙂

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