Amy-Jane Beer – Amy is an amazing science and nature writer, her passion for nature comes through with every word and she has a talent for making the factual, fascinating. She’s recently written a science book for kids called Cool Nature.

Maggie Cobbett – In addition to her accessible ‘how to’ books about writing, Maggie has also written a great novel , Shadows of the Past, dealing with the scars that WWII left in France that continue to the modern day.

Danny Crow  has a vlog called Piece of Cake where he interviews up and coming writers.

Nick E. David Nick writes wonderfully intimate stories about real people, he has a real gift for describing the small details that say so much. His latest book is The Caravan.

Marnie Maurri creates intricately whimsical works of art at Marnie Makes, and has also illustrated the captivating children’s picture book, Doodle Girl and the Monkey Mystery.

Sally Mitcham is a talented writer who blogs about how her family has been affected by MPS II at A Hunter’s Life.

Steve Norris  weaves compelling tales of political intrigue and adventure. Fast paced and gripping, you won’t see the news the same way ever again. His latest book is Death of a Kingdom.

Patrick Nugent  writes conspiracy thrillers that pit the police, and hacker Stephen Cope, against the corruption of big business. His latest book is Taken Cold.

Jennifer Syrciewicz  writes breath taking poetry and has recently published the gripping crime/thriller, Reservations, an iBook under the pseudonym Alex Sheffield.