One in Four

Today has been quite exciting; I’ve been talking with publishers about moving Alfie Slider to the next stage, thinking about cover design, illustrations, and marketing strategies. Do you ever get the sensation that what you’re doing is exactly right? That everything is on rails, in synch, going exactly how it should? That’s how I was feeling.

Then the phone rang, and being an introvert I groaned, and made my husband answer it but he soon handed it back to me. It was a lovely lady from the National Association of Writers’ Groups who wanted to let me know that my submission to their ghost story competition had been shortlisted! I am one of four in the running to win the trophy on the night of their gala dinner in September for my short story, ‘The Pause’.

It’s been a great week; completing my poetry course, honourable mention for ‘The Steps’, finishing the first draft of Alfie Slider and the Frozen Prince, talking to publishers about Alfie Slider vs the Shape Shifter, and now this. I think a gala dinner sounds like a perfect way to celebrate, don’t you? What a shame it’s not until September.

I’ll probably have remembered I’m an introvert by then 😉

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