York Writers held a poetry contest this year, based around the theme of place. As regular readers know, I’m no poet, but thanks to my creative writing studies I do have a small portfolio of poems and one of those just happened to be about place.

With zero expectation of success, I submitted my poem ‘The Steps’ to the competition, and was very pleased to find out last night that the judge, writer and academic JT Welsch had given it an honourable mention ‘for its bold use of form (a very literally ‘concrete’ poem!)’

Poetry still doesn’t feel like a natural form of expression to me, but I do sometimes have thoughts of feelings that I know aren’t meant for a story, so perhaps I will write some more in the future.

This moderate success hasn’t convinced me to abandon my plans to study fiction with a side of screen writing for my MA in October 🙂

The Steps is available for download here; it’s presented in a pdf file to preserve the formatting. Let me know what you think?

The Steps