50 Words

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I could write a 50-word story for a competition, to win some goodies for our local library. So I did. Now, I find micro-fiction tricky, but once the idea for this story came into my brain it just flowed. And I loved it.

I loved it so much, that I wanted to get it illustrated. I’ve been working on ways to get my short stories out into the world (in a more interesting form than eBooks) and this story galvanised me to do that, too.

So I found an illustrator with a style I liked and she put together a sketch. We talked back and forth, until the final design was ready. Then I got that printed onto postcards – if you like it too click on the image to be taken to the store to buy one.


I’m also working on story boxes. These will be one (or more) of my short stories or micro-fictions, in hard copy, together with a collection of things to enhance the reading experience. The first box, which will be ready for Halloween, is a spooky store, a spiced apple tea, pine-scented soy wax melts and some little mementos that work with the story.

More on these very soon!

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