Readwell and Wright

Last year, back when I was just approving the internal proofs and finalising the cover design, I messaged the two local independent bookshops to see if they’d be interested in me coming in for a book signing. One of them replied to say they didn’t have space for author events, the other asked me to pop down to talk it over.

That was the first time I set foot in Readwell and Wright, a gem of a bookstore in the bustling market town of Pocklington. Nic was welcoming and enthusiastic, we had a cuppa together and made plans for me to do a book signing in the Easter holidays. Back then, that seemed like such a long time away!

IMG_1675[1] That day arrived last week. The weather forecast threatened rain and it was certainly blustery enough, but I packed my trolley with books, bookmarks and that all-important signing pen and hopped on the first of two buses that took me from home to Pocklington.

I made it to York station with plenty of time to space at which point EYMS tested my nerves to breaking point; the bus to Pocklington was over 10 minutes late and the driver took a break. I’d planned the journey to give me an hour to grab some lunch before the signing but in the end I stepped over the threshold and into Readwell & Wright a perfect (for me) half an hour early.

Nic had set me up a lovely little signing station, we set out some books and made a cuppa then sat back to chat while we waited for people to come. I then whiled away a lovely two hours; customers came and went, I met some great children and their parents and we talked about Sci Fi, books, writing and more. I read a couple of chapters and, most importantly for me, sold a book to every family I spoke to.


It was a slightly surreal experience, to suddenly be (in a very small way) a celebrity. I felt that I was representing not just myself, and Alfie, but the joy of reading in general. A few people asked to take pictures of me with their kids, meeting me has become part of their holiday snaps! I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that.IMG_1681[1]

I think perhaps my favourite moment was when a young lad called Jonah started reading; he was sat with nose firmly in book and had to be told to put it down while he was walking along the street. Although perhaps it was when Nic’s son came and said, ‘I’ve just seen someone with one of your books in the bank!’ Or the way the kids eyes lit up when I added a special space doodle, or…yes, lots of lovely moments to choose from.

I really loved being in the shop, even when customers hadn’t come in to see me. Spending time in bookshops is a favourite thing, anyway, and Readwell and Wright is a lovely example. Nic has a real passion for books, and reading, and that came over in her customer care. It’s something you just don’t get online or from the big, chain retailers. The very personal touch.

And then, (another cup of tea later!) it was all over. I packed my trolled (thankfully much lighter on the way home!) and wandered down to the bus stop to go back home. The sun was shining, and I’d just fulfilled a lifetime’s ambition. Days don’t get much better than that, really.

Missed the book signing? Check out what other events I’m part of or order your signed copy online!


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