Hold the 54th page!

Back in January when Alfie Slider vs the Shape Shifter was published, I sent off details to Writing Magazine to see if they would feature the book in their Subscriber Spotlight pages. They said they would, and I’ve been waiting ever since for it to be included. Today was that day!
IMG_1637[1]It’s strange but, every time I see a picture of the cover in a new light, I’m blown away all over again by how awesome it is! Look at it? It makes me want to pick that book up and have a good read.

I also got a lovely email today from Nic of Readwell & Wright; an independent book shop nearby. She wanted me to know she’d sold a copy! I’m going in there, next week, for an author event which is very, very exciting.

All in all, a positive day. I’m hoping to get my quarterly sales figures from SilverWood Books soon. It’s all felt a bit unreal so far, not really knowing how many people out there in the world are reading about Alfie from paperbacks, Kindles, iPads and more but I’ll know soon.


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