We have liftoff!

Yesterday was launch day. It didn’t go as planned.
I’d emptied my calendar for the day, so I could be completely focused on Alfie. But in the end, my kids were both off school sick, and I wasn’t feeling too great myself, I spent the day in my PJ’s under a blanket. Good job the book launch event isn’t until next month!

However, it was still a wonderful day. We tipped the heights of #62 on Amazon for the paperback, and #20 for the Kindle version (Young Adult/Science Fiction and Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action Adventure). I don’t know what sales were like from Amazon, I’ll find out when I get a statement from SilverWood, but it was a record day for visits to this website and I was pleased with direct orders.

The Thunderclap went ahead, giving 95,000 plus people a link to this website (hence the record day) and I felt so supported, seeing my social media lighting up with Alfie Slider. Thank you.

And then there were the reviews. The first one came in mid-morning – 5 stars, and was soon joined by several more.

Alfie Slider, you have liftoff.

To infinity, and beyond 😉

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