The Right Path

I don’t know about you, but I entertain a lot of self-doubt. Am I making the right choice to stick with the difficult, discouraging and often lonely world of writing when I could be earning a steady wage using some of my other skills?

And then there are times when life seems to pat me on the back and say, ‘Really, Sarah? You shouldn’t have doubts. This is why…’ the last 24 hours have been that sort of time.

Firstly, I got an email from Silverwood Books with the first draft of the cover art for Alfie Slider vs the Shape Shifter. I got my first look at it on the bus on the way into York and was happy dancing in my seat. I love it, but I’m letting that rational side take control and giving myself the whole weekend to look at it and think about it before making a decision.

Then I got an email to say I’d made it to the shortlist of a writing competition; I can’t give more details yet as judging isn’t complete but getting anywhere in popular contests is always a boost.

After that I had a lovely discussion with the owners of a local indie bookshop, discussing whether I could do some Alfie Slider stuff with them next year. I’m going to see them after half term, so watch this space for more.

Finally, an email arrived from Luna Press to give me details on pre-ordering copies of Beyond Realities II, which includes one of my stories, and mentioning a celebratory meal with other contributors.

All of that is separate from the fact that I just love writing. I enjoy sitting in solitude and letting ideas pour out of my  mind and through my fingers to the computer. I love wandering around, doing the housework and chewing over plot ideas. I love meeting co-authors and hashing out the framework of realities we’ve created. I love sitting around a table with fellow authors and sharing the highs and lows. I love writing blogs about all of that and more.

So right now, I’m getting all the signs from ‘the universe’ that the thing I love most in the world, is the thing that I should be doing. I’m good at it. People value it, and want to help me succeed at it.

And that, is a very nice feeling indeed.

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