Yorkshire Day

Last year, I wrote a story set on the steps of the Yorkshire Museum, which was available for download in return for a donation to Doctors of the World UK who were doing stellar work with the refugees in the camps at Calais.

A good number of local families who donated got in touch to tell me that they’d been back to the museum to find the places and items mentioned in the story. An idea was born that, after a brain storming session with a friend, became Yorkshire Story.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the amazingly talented Heidi Griffiths create beautiful visuals for me, and have some talented writers lined up to come on board too.

As today is Yorkshire Day, I’m officially launching the website. Please go and visit, and let me know what you think. I’m really excited by the idea of combining two of my great loves, the beautiful city that I call home and great writing. I hope you are too.

Click the gorgeous graphic below to go and visit and find out more.

Map Thumb

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