Death of a Kingdom

As regular readers will know, I get a lot of support in my writing journey from my colleagues at York Writers. They’re a great group of people, very generous with their time and enthusiastic about writing in general. I’ve heard horror stories of writing groups that are set up by a writer or wannabe, who then expects others to do nothing but read and discuss their own work, or other groups where internal politics takes over and the environment is quite hostile. I consider myself very lucky to have such a great group on my doorstep, particularly because of the Novelist Support Group which, as the name suggests, is a group to encourage writers of longer pieces of work.

In the year and a bit I’ve been a member, it’s been a real pleasure to see the progress made by writers in the group; to learn about their stories, and see how they deal with problems that crop up. We might all be working in different genres and with different styles, but getting another view on your work from a fellow writer is really valuable and reading someone else’s work, seeing what they do that works well and what the particular issues of their genre are, is a great learning experience.

We share our frustration with the slush pile, encourage each other through rejections and celebrate each others successes. Which is what this post is really all about! I am delighted to be able to share a link with you to S G Norris‘ latest novel, Death of a Kingdom. It’s available in paperback and Kindle edition from Amazon. If you like political conspiracy novels you’ll love Steve’s work and this latest one is set against the backdrop of the EU Referendum so is nicely topical too! It is the third in a series, but if you haven’t read the others it won’t spoil your enjoyment of this one.


I’m looking forward to reading the final draft of what I know to be a great story; I hope you enjoy it too.

Oh, and the Sarah mentioned in the acknowledgements? That’s me, that is 🙂

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