Short List

Happy News! I’ve just found out that my flash fiction story, In Memoriam, was shortlisted for the InkTears Flash Fiction competition earlier this month. The list was announced on the 3rd of November but I think I must have missed the email, but I’m glad I did as I needed that little bit of a boost this morning to encourage me on.

In Memoriam is not a typical piece of work for me, it explores the subject of losing someone very close and how we go on to become living memorials to them. I wasn’t even sure if it counted as flash fiction as there was no real story arc or character development but it looks like I have that question answered. There were almost a thousand entries, and mine was one of the 40 the judges liked most: That’s quite something.

Catching your breath, you turn and whisper ‘I love you’; the certainty of it remains with me even now. You did. We did. I have never seen a sight more beautiful than your face, haloed in golden light, hovering above me. (In Memoriam, Sarah Dixon)


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