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Last Chance Saloon

68% for this weeks entry to Hour of Writes, with the comments by readers being mostly positive too. I was happy with this one, I felt that I’d expressed what I wanted to in the prose.

Read the entry and marking here

They’re a little behind on results over there at the moment, there are a couple of weeks in November where the winner hasn’t been announced yet, and of course this weeks winner should be revealed today. Hopefully they’ll get all caught up, but I guess when they have guest judges and other projects like the anthology on the go, things are bound to slip.

Hour of Writes is still one of my favorite writing exercises of the week, but inspiration is eluding me this week. I’m not quite sure what idea to chase down for ‘Climate of Change’.

Many Worlds Theory

Positive feedback for my Hours of Writes entry last week, although I’m not sure whether Marker 3 was talking about my story or another as the quote isn’t from my piece. I enjoyed this one, I’m happy with it but the criticisms are justified – there are always things you would do differently in a story, especially when you only have an hour to write it.

Read the entry.

Night to Remember

Thursday mornings are usually when I check the Hour of Writes website and find out what the peer markers thought of my entry. Today I’ve been given 65% for my response to ‘Night to Remember’ with overall positive comments. I find it a valuable process because it reminds me every week that no two people who read a piece of writing experience it in the same way.

Read the entry here.

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